iBlock : The Cutting Board That Holds Your Tablet $125.00

In a meeting of new world and old world, one might find more similarities than differences.  Simplicity and functionality led me to design the iBlock.  While I still enjoy going through a classic cookbook, I find myself surfing the web for the majority of my recipes.  I was tired of my iPad always falling over on its flimsy mount (which just took up even more valuable space) while scrolling through Epicurious.  Then it occurred to me: why not combine my cutting board and my tablet mount?  I really wanted the look to mirror that of some tablets out there, so it has a marble like finish, and the look of the dock is straight forward and consistent.  Additionally, this board is reversible.  The raised back serves as a stop to keep the cutting board flush against the edge of a counter when cutting.  You can see the design more clearly in the profile shot.  Ah, how I love something that serves a dual purpose.


Gear Patrol and Cool Hunting have also thought this butcher block is particularly rad, among others(it spread like a wildfire on a few tumblresque design blogs).  Plus it caught the eye of Playboy in Argentina.  Yep, it's just that sexy.

The slot is 1/2 inch wide and is about 3/4 inch deep. It holds an iPad 2 well.  Do you have a Google Nexus Tablet or an iPad Air?  We can customize this slot for you.  Just let us know what you need in the text box provided upon purchase.

The board has approximately a 12x18 cutting surface.  Edge grain is 1.5 inches and end grain 2 inches thick.

Edge Grain Walnut 145

Edge Grain Maple 128

End Grain Maple 175

End Grain Cherry 185

End Grain Walnut 225

Maple Brickwork with Walnut Mortar 295

Walnut Brickwork with Cherry Mortar 325


As always, we can personalize this cutting board for you.  Email us at nils@brooklynbutcherblocks.com to inquire about your desired custom cutting board.