Welcomes You!

Let me emphasize that we will still be up and running, however, we will be short manned.

I am experiencing some health problems and will be going into surgery at the end of August and I am expected to stay at home for the entire month of September.  Post surgery, I will be unable to respond to emails but rest assured someone will be respond to emails, though they'll only be able to offer: pricing and general information.  I recommend reading details below.

From August 28th until late September*, we will only be offering email support but no phone support for customer service.  Before the 28th, we are catching up and so we may not respond immediately.  Keep your eyes peeled, as you will be hearing back from another email account MYORDER@BROOKLYNBUTCHERBLOCKS.COM

During this time, please realize that orders made via our website may see delayed shipping of up to 3 weeks.  Custom work should still be about a 4-6 week leadtime .  We will be unable to do rush orders during this period.  Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.  But the good news is that the shop, will still be in production and orders can still be made via the website.  I would also recommend reading everything else below as it covers most of the inquiries we get.
Custom Counter top Inquiries: 
You can fill out the Jotform, or wait to get an email back from us, or use our online website to price and purchase items: https://www.brooklynbutcherblocks.com/collections/countertops
You can take a look at that page as it also has other information.  LEADTIMES ARE CURRENTLY 6-8 WEEKS NO EXCEPTIONS.
Our ability to make cutouts for stoves, sinks etc during this time are is limited.  If you want an undermount cut out for a sink, we will need a template of the entire top with a sink cut out, as well as a physical template of the sink.  Unless you're able to provide and deliver both, we are unable to do sink cut outs during this time.  
Cutting Board or other product Inquiries
You can buy and customize with a meat groove, a pair of indented handles, a set of four feet and a stamp that can showcase a name or date here.  
I ordered one of your products (ie not custom sized) via your website; when can I expect it to ship?
At the latest, it should ship late September/early October unless unforeseen issues delay orders.  We'll still be shipping in September though, so 
I am experiencing issues with a piece I purchased from BKBB; what can I do?
I will log the information and deal with the situation in late September.  Our policy is fairly generous, so you can expect a return or a replacement in late September or early October, unless unforeseen issues cause a greater delay.    
Why wasn't I notified before I purchased?
You were.  There was a popup on our website and posts on our social media about this.  There's only so much we can do to prevent these issues and we cannot guarantee that during this period we will be able to process refunds.  We can process returns in late September.
Do you do wholesale?
yes, we do.  Please email myorder@brooklynbutcherblocks.com and we'll get back to you after 6/12.
Can I stop by? I would like to see samples.
At this time, this will be difficult.  Email myorder@brooklynbutcherblocks.com to try to set up an appointment.  Samples can be viewed on the countertop portion of our website.
August 12, 2018 by Bold Apps