Welcomes You!

This will likely be a short-lived blog post as I intend to take it down in the next couple weeks once everything that been largely dealt with.  A quick note too--Brooklyn Butcher Blocks is NOT shut down this week, but things will be running less like a freshly oiled machine, if you get me.

First, my sincerest apologies to all of our customers over the past few weeks.  I have been a firm believer that work comes first, and if you make a commitment, you stick to that.  Unfortunately, as many of you know, I've been slow to respond, hard to get a hold of, and difficult to get a schedule from.  So what's up?  My grandfather, Walker Connor, had gotten quite unwell over the past few weeks after a slight decline over the past few months and on February 28th, he passed in his son's home in Vermont, where he spent the last week of his life.  Those familiar with my story starting Brooklyn Butcher Blocks can tell plainly that he and my uncle helped ignite my "Maker Spirit."  The past few weeks, I've summed up my grandfather as being "not quite a father to me, but definitely more than a grandfather."  The point being made here is that I believe he was the "centerpiece" of the family, and people gathered around him, so his loss is deeply felt; however, he lived until he was 90 and had a storied life, having been a soldier in WW2, a world traveler due to his academic notoriety, a three time cancer survivor, and a fairly mobile person up until last fall.  So despite the sadness that comes with the passing of a loved one, we also can't help but be happy about the incredible life he lived.

His difficult times meant that I was eager to see him last month where I spent a week with him.  Additionally, I didn't want my uncle to be run drier any more than he had been already (he lives close, and has spent a lot of energy and time to help his parents when they were alive).  Alas, even upon returning to New York towards the end of the month, my girlfriend and I were also treated to some unfortunate news on her side of the family (and while not over, they have improved).  While I was around, I was busy catching up that I was unable to really get to admin tasks and job site visits.  And now this week, the week of the 3/5/17, I am seeing family again and getting things sorted.

My post here is to just help explain where I've been and to give my grandfather some time of day and tell people briefly what he meant to me.  I'll be a little more available this week via email and phone, and will be returning in full next week.  My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.

March 05, 2017 by Nils Wessell