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Build Your Apartment 101: Custom Cutting Board


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Our woodworking class series circles a central theme: you get to build out your own apartment with furniture that you make.  The first class features making your own custom cutting board and is intended for people without any experience.  Future iterations of the class are still to be determined, but expect for the follow up classes to feature a coffee table and bed frame.  And after we're done with the tools, we'll serve up some rum, whiskey or wine.  These classes are a great gift, a fun team-building exercise, a unique date night and an exciting learning experience.  All classes are at our shop.

101 Custom Cutting Board:  A two part class perfect for beginners, and a prerequisite for any other classes.  The board will feature any combination of walnut, cherry and maple you like to make a 15x20x1.5 Long Grain Cutting Board.  Among the other options you have is to add a few different varieties of handles, juice grooves, iPad holding attachment, and finishing options.  The class will be held on two consecutive Fridays, starting at 7pm and ending at 9:30pm.  The first class features using the jointer, planer and table saw--we will mill up our cutting boards and glue them up.  In the second class, we flatten our cutting boards, cut them to our final dimensions and sand them to finish.  Class is currently limited to 6 people.  Dates are in the dropdown menu.
There is one important thing, however: you need to have a definitive plan before coming to the class.  We simply won't have time to cover design details and teach you want you'll need to know.  Speaking of which, what do you learn?  This is where I feel our class is going to separate itself from other options out there because we're not pulling punches.  You'll get introduced to the commonly used surface planer, routers and random orbital sanders, but you'll also get to use the table saw, shaper and jointer.

What To Wear And General Safety
We will provide you with all the necessary safety gear, such as dust masks, gloves, goggles, and earplugs.  You will need clothing that can get dirty and dusty.  We have a good dust collection set up, but it can't get everything and chips will still be flying.

  • Hair needs to be up or back
  • Clothes cannot be baggy
  • Glasses are fine, arguably preferable
  • Shoes must have a good grip.  Boots are preferable.

One Last Thing
As of now, attendants must sign a waiver form to participate in the class in the unlikely case you're injured.