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End Grain Maple Butcher Block with Handles and Juice Groove


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We have decided to retire our Maple boards, in favor of focusing on Cherry and Walnut. Interestingly, these were the two core wood types we focused on when we first started

Your End Grain cutting board will keep your knife sharper, longer and keep it more sanitary as well, thanks to the self-healing properties of end grain.  Plus our brickwork pattern ensures greater durability than your run of the mill cutting board.

  • Has Indented Handles and Juice Groove (Not depicted in photo. All Maple Boards come with these two features)
  • 12x18x1.75
  • Brickwork pattern ensures durability
  • End grain construction keeps your knife sharper longer
  • Bacteria resistant (assuming proper care)
  • Treat with mineral oil or Bees Buffer
  • Comes with feet (recipient must attach)
  • Materials are USA sourced, 90% within 400 miles of our facility
  • All refuse is composted at local gardens

Custom sizes can be priced and purchased on the counter top page.

Click here to read a comparison of Cherry, Maple and Walnut.  While you're educating yourself, why not read  about why end grain is so beneficial or why the benefits of our Brickwork pattern are so advantageous when compared to other techniques.  And most importantly, learn how to take care of your cutting board.