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Knife Rack


Note: Due to the quarantine, this particular product is delayed but everything else runs normally. Read more here. Also note that we now brand the knife racks on the back, not the front.

Our knife rack holds your blades against your wall by using strong bar magnets.

  • Available in large and small
  • Large 1.75x1.75x20, Small 1.75x1.75x12
  • Displays your knives
  • Stores your knives, keeping your drawers and counter top clear
  • Offers ample room for your knuckles when grabbing from the wall
  • Bar magnets offer more space to store knives 
  • Installs seamlessly
  • Customizable sizes available

Installation is fairly simple.  All you need are two screws (provided) and set them level on the wall and make sure they are within 12 inches of each other.  Then align the T track on the back of the knife rack (pictured) with one of the screws and slide the knife rack over the two screws.  Adjust screw depth as needed to hold the knife rack flush against the wall.

A warning!  While I have not had this issue, I have heard that magnetic knife racks (from any maker, producer or manufacturer) have magnetized their knives.  If you're using a device to sharpen your knives, some have claimed the knife picks up the tiny shards made from sharpening your knife.  These sharps can cause scratching on your blade.  Again, I haven't had this issue, but one of our customers has, and general research supports that this can occur.