Build Your Apartment 401: Design Your Class


401: Custom-design Classes
For any companies looking for a particularly unique experience, we can design a class specific to your brand.  We have some photos of a class we held for George Dickel Distillery.  People took our Tennessee-shaped planks made of oak (a reference to the oak barrels used in their process) and customized them to their liking.  For George Dickel, the goal was a shorter class for a smaller item with more people.  At the end, George Dickel hosted a tasting.  This really served as the inspiration for our classes, so a big kudos to Ryan Herzog over at George Dickel.

Pricing will vary depending on the details

All classes are at our shop.

What To Wear And General Safety
We will provide you with all the necessary safety gear, such as dust masks, gloves, goggles, and earplugs.  You will need clothing that can get dirty and dusty.  We have a good dust collection set up, but it can't get everything and chips will still be flying.

  • Hair needs to be up or back
  • Clothes cannot be baggy
  • Glasses are fine, arguably preferable
  • Shoes must have a good grip.  Boots are preferable.

One Last Thing
As of now, attendants must sign a waiver form to participate in the class in the unlikely case you're injured.

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