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iBlock : The Cutting Board That Holds Your Tablet (Maple&Walnut Brick'n'Mortar)


Our iBlock holds your tablet while you cook.  No longer will it be lying awkwardly on your counter, getting covered in water, at an unreadable angle while you're perusing Epicurious or watching Youtube cooking videos.  The design is symmetrical; the part that holds your tablet also serves as a stop against the front of the counter when not in use.  If you're curious about the backstory, take a look at this blogpost.  We think it's worth a read!

  • Holds your tablet while you cook
  • Symmetrical design makes use of both sides
  • Tablet dock also serves as a stop when not in use
  • Slot is 1/2 wide and 3/4 deep
  • Cutting area is approx 12x18x1.75

As always, we can personalize this cutting board for you by adding rubber feet, or adding finger grooves or stamping text onto your piece, or making the slot larger to hold a different tablet.  Just make a note of your customization in the textbox provided upon purchase