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One-Off: Bridge Sushi Board

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this was one of my favorite pieces that revolver made in the shop but unfortunately it's not too practical from a manufacturing standpoint as they were very labor-intensive.

those of you familiar with Brooklyn butcher blocks story and with my work in general know that we pull inspiration from structural elements of architecture, particularly urban architecture.  I had really wanted to design something off of the various bridges in New York.  the sushi boards seems like a perfect fit as it was semantically in line with New York being an island surrounded by water connecting to other islands and the mainland via Bridges, and the fact that sushi utilizes fish from the sea.  besides being thematically coherent it also created a visually stunning design with the arks underneath the top of the board which would effectively serve as feet.  the 45 degree bevels on either side make it easy to pick up and put down and there are two grooves to hold chopsticks.  for an additional touch we mixed White dye with resin to fill any cracks that the wood naturally had.  this offers an ice pop in what would be otherwise a very plane looking piece.