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super duper discount deal: five long grain maple countertop 1.25 thick

$3,396.00 $1,000.00

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we have each item here listed independently on the countertops page but we are offering a further reduction in price for anyone who's willing to take the whole set.  the largest piece measures 55 by 134 in.  the other items are 25.5 in width, one of which is 11.5 inches long, another 36 in long and the last two are 48 inches long.  there is nothing wrong with these items the client has just been quiet for a few months now and we are looking to unload the extra inventory. Each item is made from long grain maple and is finished with food grade mineral oil.  

all these items purchased individually for sale would be$1,279.  bought as a bundle we have reduced the price to even thousand.