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I am Nils Wessell, a woodworker living and working in Brooklyn.  While my workshop may be humble, you'll see that simplicity, functionality and elegance define my work.  I do it all: custom cutting boards, cheeseboards, serving platters, knife racks, butcher blocks, countertops, table tops, repairs and resurfacing services. 

Fellow Gotham Urbanites, The New Amsterdam Market Has Ended

July 15, 2014

Hey guys,For my Gotham urbanites with a fondness for markets, I have some sad news to share.  The New Amsterdam Market has officially closed its doors--at the absolute least--on South Street.  In short, without a market, we won't be in the area selling our wares in the neighborhood.  Obviously, you can still buy our products on www.brooklynbutcherblocks.com and we'll ship it to you.  No problem.  You can also still pickup at our (wood)shop in Sunset Park (DNR Trains to 36th...

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