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I am Nils Wessell, a woodworker living and working in Brooklyn.  While my workshop may be humble, you'll see that simplicity, functionality and elegance define my work.  I do it all: custom cutting boards, cheeseboards, serving platters, knife racks, butcher blocks, countertops, table tops, repairs and resurfacing services. 

Why We Have An Order Form and Why You Should Use It!

April 09, 2014

Hey customer!  So you want a custom piece?  And you've sent me an email but you haven't filled out our custom order form?  Why bother, right?  Well here are a few reasons...1) It saves us from going back and forth in email, thus saving us both time.  There are things you may not even consider as factoring into cost.  One thing that many people surprisingly omit is thickness.  Customer: How much for a 24x24?BKBB: 0Customer: ?BKBB: Unless you're living in...

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