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Let's make both of our lives a bit easier, and let's take a quick look at the following

1. Newsletter for Discounts and New Products 

Before you shoot me an email, you may want to sign up for our newsletter.  I won't fill your email box with junk, I promise.  Just fill out the form here!

2. If you're inquiring about a countertop, please fill out this form: http://jotform.us/form/33596660102149

And please take the time to actually fill out the form.  It ends up being better for both of us.  Do you really want the first email you read from me to say only "Height?"

3. Wholesale 
If you're interested in carrying some of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks' products, please email wholesale@brooklynbutcherblocks.com

4. Customizing an Already Existing Product

If you want something like rubber feet or indented handles added to the board, please just make a note of it in the box the store provides upon payment.  If you want a different size or an engraving, you must contact me personally via the contact form.

Thanks for stopping by!
PS-if you like the site and are looking for something similar, take a look at www.jennsager.com made by... wait for it... Jenn Sager!

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