Brickwork End Grain Cutting Board $269.99

Quick FAQ:
Can I get this by Christmas?
If you're shipping email me... at this point, I do highly recommend pickup.  If you've already ordered, don't worry.  It's on its way.

I accentuated my brickwork pattern by putting in another wood for the mortar.  This particular piece has walnut bricks and reclaimed mahogany mortar, once again pulling from the aesthetics of Brooklyn’s plentiful brick buildings.  The piece is a win-win-win: beautiful and historical with a dash of humor.  Check out what Gear Patrol had to say about this piece.  This piece measured 12x18x2.

Like all of pieces, I can customize.  Maybe you’d prefer a cherry brick pattern with walnut mortar and indented handles?  Done.  Just shoot me an email via the contact form.

It should be mentioned that unlike my other butcher blocks, this piece has been biscuit joined.  A quick google search should illustrate pretty quickly what a biscuit joint is for those that don’t know,  While a perfectly flat surface is usually more than enough to suffice for a strong glue joint, I was concerned about how thin the mahogany horizontal strip was.  I wanted a biscuit to adhere two walnut rows and the thin mahogany row together, thus ensuring its strength.

Maple $269.99

Walnut $300