Knife Rack $70.00

To reference an internet meme, “How do they work?”

A knife rack is my favorite way to store my favorite knives, and Harley from Epic Meal Time liked it so much he even endorsed it!  You get to show off an elegant piece of lumber and your knives, plus it saves space on your counter and in your drawers.  The knife rack depicted here is 12 inches long though we also offer a 20" model.  All are about 2 inches wide and 1.5-2 inches deep.  Most knife racks are around 1 inch deep.  I decided to beef it up because I’ve found that an inch just isn’t quite enough space to comfortably get your fingers around the handle of a knife.

Love the knife rack but want a different size?  Am I out of stock?  Please just email me here to place an order. We now have them in cherry and maple!

Installation is fairly simple.  All you need are two screws (provided) and set them level on the wall and make sure they are within 12 inches of each other.  Then align the T track on the back of the knife rack (pictured) with one of the screws and slide the knife rack over the two screws.  Adjust screw depth as needed to hold the knife rack flush against the wall.