A few words about our Pun T-Shirts

Time to time, I like covering our products in greater detail in a blog post, as I don't want to bog down each product page with a plethora of text.  In the shop, we're prone to throw out at least one wood related pun daily.  It only seemed fitting that we get a few of these down on some t-shirts.

"Hard Wood" we feel is a pretty obvious pun, and I ain't explaining it further.  This was partially inspired from my high school track couch, who said of the Simpsons: "you know what's great about that show is that there's a lot of smart humor for people who gravitate towards that, but there's also just Homer burping which can appeal to another demographic."  It's an easy crowd pleaser, and everyone gets it.  

"Millin' Like a Villain" is a play on "chillin' like a villain."  Milling, for those who don't know, does not refer to "milling about" as in "being lazy."  Rather, milling is the process by which we turn raw lumber into a pre-finished state that reveals the wood grain.  Of course, you'd know this if you attended our Woodworking Classes.

My personal favorite, "Wood Work For Food," is a triple entendre.  The first meaning is that we create works made out of wood for the purpose of food.  The second is that we would (and do) work to earn a living, of which food is a part, so "we would work for food".  The third is much like the first, which is that the piece you own is literally woodwork for food.