Featuring another maker: TM1985

I met Tielor McBride, the owner TM1985, a few years ago at American Field, and immediately recognized the quality of the work.  He is extremely good at displaying his work as well; like, I think I do a pretty decent job, but he blows me out of the water.  Real talk.

I find it very difficult to find this level of quality with leather work.  The briefcase (sold out) he designed has much more detail than is necessary given what is available on the market.  The one backpack available right now has a real nice mix.  Nothing needs unnecessary complication.  The cover to the opening lies over the top of the backpack and it features tied ends.  You're probably familiar as I am with laces running through a common hoodie; you know what I always do with those?  I tie a knot at the end.  But then look at the additions.  There's a side compartment with a zipper, and the top of the cover looks sturdily sewn into the backpack.  These may seem like tiny details, but I know these are attributes that someone could have simply skipped.  And aesthetically, I love a light brown with blue.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up and simply say: check out TM1985--I have been an admirer for years now.