Gitmurd, Dorian, and Michelin

First I wanted to handle the most recent news--we were mentioned in a Michelin Article written by Jacob Dean (his page is here).  The piece covers the tools of the trade and is worth a read if you're pretty new to cooking or if you want a serious but bite-sized refresher course.  Take a look!  And now with that said...

For those that don't know, I tied the knot with my now-wife in Maine back in August. #gitmurd 

We had a knock out time and got to experience everything we love about Maine... including lobster where it can be the cheapest way to eat if you have the right connections ;)  Shortly after though, we headed south.  What was supposed to be a tropical storm that just missed us turned into a Cat 1 Hurricane that went right over us.  That said, our honeymoon could have been multitudes worse as I'm sure most of you know.  Just a reminder for next time you're scrolling through Facebook and you see a donation page regarding Dorian--consider clicking on it

Alright--excuse me a minute--I'm just stepping down from my soapbox...

Thanks for reading,