Our Merch!

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks finally has some merchandise!  Wear our colors proud.  The shirts are of quality material, being from American Apparel, and the printing is done by Rich DiBernardo of Prographix.  He/his company are considered one of the best in the industry and happen to be located right in Industry City of Brooklyn, NY.

When designing this shirt with my friend Rich DiBernardo, we wanted something that was humorous but also classy.  I really liked the idea of plaid, a pattern that is associated with and that connotes the material flannel, being printed onto a cotton t shirt.  When I mentioned this to Rich, he got the visual pun pretty quickly and produced an awesome design just as fast (I was kind of blown away by the quality and speed with which he did his work.  A true sign of a pro).  After some minor tweaks, we thought that it'd be best to put the "Brooklyn Butcher Blocks" logo in white like on many of our walnut boards and then to put it on the sleeve as opposed to... on the front in bold letters and in 200 point font that could glow during the day or at night with giant arrows pointing to it.

A note about the printing--where the pattern meets at the seams is *not* perfectly aligned and there are some very minor blemishes.  We feel as though this adds to the shirt, but wanted to disclose this to customers.

We'll try to correct those sideways images as soon as possible--Shopify is proving to be a little difficult at the moment :)