The Holiday Season 2022 : When We Ship, Last Day for Shipping Orders, Pickup Policy

How do we ship? Why don't you see shipping updates after an order has been made? What's the last day you ship for the year? When do you begin shipping again?  Read on...

We ship once a week from Jan-Nov; during Dec, we ship more frequently and TBH, more randomly. During the year, we begin processing orders made by Wednesday at 5pm EST.  After labels have been made for these orders, we spend Thursday packing items up and we ship on Friday.   During December, we also try to ship "mid-week" aka usually Wednesday.  To have an item shipped on Wednesday, your order must have been made by Monday at 5pm. You will only see shipping updates after we have printed a label, which happens on Wednesdays and also Mondays during December.  

If you're looking for Christmas delivery via UPS GROUND, the last day you have to order is Wednesday the 14th at 11:59pm (Eastern Standard Time).  These items will most likely ship a day or two later because it takes time to pack up, arrange the pickup with our shippers, etc etc etc.  Provided that you are living in the continental USA, we will ship items express (3 Day, 2 Day, Overnight, etc) if necessary to get them to you by the 24th -- it doesn't matter if you selected Ground, we'll still ship express after we pass certain Ship-by dates unless otherwise noted in some way.

If you're looking for Christmas delivery via ANY MEANS (express, overnight, etc), and we have passed beyond our Wednesday deadline, it's still possible but please realize the risk.  I think it would be wise to consider our doors close on Monday the 19th at 11:59pm EST and after that, you should really be contacting us via email for any other last second orders. 

That all said, shipping on these schedules listed below has historically been a good bet.  These dates are also stated by UPS, and companies like ShipStation who deal with shipping on a daily basis.  I say that to say this : we can only make these sorts of decisions based on what we are told by shippers.

Can you just come pickup? 
In most cases, no.  This time of year, I do make an exception though.  Reach out to us on the week leading up to Christmas (20th-24th) with what you are interested in, and we'll see. Please note this isn't a guarantee, it's luck. 

Why don't we usually allow pickup? The reason why is that a couple years ago I chose to make a big decision -- I chose to hire a 3PL, aka a 3rd Party Logistics Company, to take our product, store it, and ship it on our behalf.  My reasoning went something like this : we are not great at shipping, we don't have the space for it, and we don't have the time to make our workspace our shipping space, so why are we doing it?  We're certainly better at making cutting boards.  Just 4 years ago, I kid you not, we sometimes had 4 week wait times just to ship something -- ludicrous. Often something happened, like we confused X for Y, or we added a detail that wasn't supposed to be added or the very opposite.  It was apparent that how we were doing things was just not going to work, so I changed it.  And we don't like to break our rules now that the steps are simpler and now that we've improved the overall experience; we don't remove items from an outgoing shipment to our 3PL for customers.  It is a slippery slope as they say, and that would become a big problem while trying to keep track of our inventories.

Okay, so I bought a board with the coupon that is shipping in the new year - so when is it shipping? When do you open your doors again?
Those items will begin shipping on Monday 9th of January.  Some inventories may be low, and we may be spending some of January replenishing them, shipping them out, etc etc.  As was mentioned in our emails, we expect all of these orders to have shipped by the end of January/early February.