What's the best wood for a cutting board?

So you're shopping for a cutting board, but you're just not sure which way to go?  Well we have a quick summary here, but first know that all of our woods are sustainable forested and are regionally sourced.

1. Walnut

  • Nickname is Goldilocks
  • because it is not too hard and not too soft
  • Dark, chic look
  • Hides stains and knife marks better because it is dark in color

2. Cherry

  • Reddish heartwood and blonde sapwood
  • Softest wood we offer
  • which means it is easier on a knife's edge
  • but also is prone to expansion and contraction
  • Rich history in fine furniture

3. Maple

  • Nickname is "The Industry Standard" and for good reason
  • Durable and hard
  • A little harder on your knife's edge (emphasis on 'a little')
  • Tight grain