Where to buy butcher blocks? Right here!

As our name suggests, we make butcher blocks and butcher block countertops in Brooklyn! But we do ship internationally, so think of us as more than just your local woodworker.  While we can make anything, we primarily offer Cherry, Maple and Walnut (sometimes Oak) and we can arrange the grain so that it is Edge Grain (aka long grain) or End Grain. It is in our humble opinion that, generally speaking, you want to stick with edge grain when dealing with kitchen countertops and kitchen islands; however, End Grain can be a great option for a Kitchen Island that serves as the focal point of your kitchen.  The reason?  End grain needs to be cared for more and needs to be monitored; it's great to catch problems early with end grain, and you can only get that if you have a full view of it.

You're welcome to shoot us an email and set up an appointment if you would like to look at some samples at our woodshop.  Just be aware--it IS a woodshop so it can sometimes be a little noisy. And dusty too!