First off, thank you to everyone who was patient who had ordered a piece back in nearly November and got their piece just a week or so before Christmas.  I realize some get puzzled at such delays, but it's pretty simple.  I'm largely a one man operation, and while making each block is a lot of labor, it's actually more difficult to just keep everything straight.  There's also something to be said for just getting 30 packages out in a week via one pickup as opposed to sitting around every day waiting for UPS to pickup six packages.

Some of you may have noticed, but during the holidays I get more volume and I frequently print off the shipping label a day or two before the package actually ships out.  What this means is that when you get that email that says, "your package shipped!", it actually probably hasn't.  That's one reason why I recommend following me on twitter @BKbutcherblocks.  During the holidays, I'll post the last names of customers whose packages are being shipped.  Also, on a side note, if you want some real one of a kind items (literally stuff I won't ever be making again), "like" the facebook page.

Now that that's out of the way... jeezum crow, did I get some site traffic immediately after the holidays.  The ever so popular 12x18x2 end grain walnut and the alluring 12x18x2 end grain brickboard popped up on blogs in the USA and abroad, from Gizmodo to Cool Material and Uncrate (or so I think.  For whatever reason, the Uncrate page about me won't load on my computer.  I heard about it through a friend).  While I can see some eyebrows being raised at having a butcher block being written about on Gizmodo, I take it as an appreciative nod to its simple design and patterning.  In any event, I am truly humbled and honored that anything I've done was featured on Gizmodo, or well, frankly any and all of these sites.  They all seem to have a good reputation and an eye for design, aesthetics, functionality and craft.  This got me thinking... I should really assemble an updated list of press I've recieved.  I had no idea how long the list had already become.  You could say that it was... im-press-ive.  Terrible, I know.  Anyway, links the blogs are below as is a list of press I've recieved thus far.

Think Big Chief 


Cool Material

Gear Patrol


And for the record, BKBB has garnered attention from The New York Times twice (both times by Florence Fabricant no less), Gizmodo, Bon Appetit (magazine and blog), The Kitchn, Gear Patrol, Tasting Table, The City Cook, The Food Seen on The American Heritage Network, Grub Street, and the New York Magazine, Josh Applegate of the renowned Fleisher's (butcher shop), the Epoch Times, L Magazine, Village Voice, Andrew Zimmern, Tom Colicchio, OpenSky, Joyus, and Fab.  I think there's more actually, but that's all I got at the moment.

I'm currently waiting in Columbus, Ohio and about to leave for LaGuardia Airport shortly.  Needless to say, I'm already pretty packed with orders (seriously, like Christmas) so if there's some lag, it's simple a volume situation.  It's strange: it can be pretty quiet and steady for weeks and then I'm sprinting to catch up despite having stock.  Back to the old grit!


ps-I'll have an article about board care soon, I promise!