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    - We recommend that cutting boards be *at least* 1.25” for long grain, and 1.5” for end grain. Even at these thicknesses, warping is possible (counter tops are slightly more forgiving provided each corner can be screwed into place) - The overall square footage of an end grain top will impact what the minimum thickness should be for a piece. At a certain point, 1.75” is advised. For most countertops, 2” is advised.” - End grain works best as a Kitchen Island because it expands/contracts up to 7% along width and length. Long grain will do so along width and thickness. You can read more about Grain Orientation, Wood Types, Granite vs Wood, and about which wood is best on our blog.


    Shipping such a heavy item can be high, that’s why we offer the options below:

    (1) If you’re local, use the code DELIVERY. You’ll be paying a delivery service instead of a shipping service

    > $20-200 in NYC

    > 4 hrs outside of NYC $400 max

    (2) Pickup is an available option.

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