Our Community

Nils Wessell started Brooklyn Butcher Blocks in February of 2010, though it wouldn't officially open its doors until June of 2010.  Thanks to the help of many people, Brooklyn Butcher Blocks has become one of the names in the industry.  We have worked with customers, clients and friends all over the world, delivering only the finest items and are designed for endurance.
All of our materials are sourced in the USA, our product line is designed to reduce waste, and we compost whatever refuse is remaining.  

If you're interested in a story about Nils and how he started from square one, give this blogpost a read.  It's long, personal, and maybe your cup of tea.

Theo has been a huge help to us since 2013--we really can't express just how fortunate we've been to have had him here.  Always early, knowledgeable about woodworking and dependable.  When he isn't covered in dust, expect him on the waves hanging ten, helping out with the workshops at Grain Surfboards, visiting a car show with his dad, or taking part in Woodsman competitions.  He'll also be happy to clarify any misconceptions you have about Star Wars.

James can sand wood like few can.  He's meticulous with his finish, and it has shown over the past couple years.  James loves skateboarding and comics (but not Spidey).  While those are attributes you'll quickly notice about James, you'll also pick up on his inquisitive nature.  Anytime we see James around 4:30pm, we know we're about to be asked an unusual question about a particular scenario.  Take this holiday-themed example, "Santa is real and has actual magic.  He's transformed you into a 10 year old for one night and asks you what toy you want that he forgot to get you all those years ago.  You get to play all day and all night with the toy."  I sh*t you not.  Pardon me.

Logan has only recently been assisting us, but we can already tell he is an unusually quick study.  But it makes sense.  Unexpectedly, it turns out that Logan's brother has been working with my former boss and knife maker Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn for the past while.  

Old Friends
Julia was a great help in the early days of our collaborative efforts.  She knew more than her fair share of fine woodworking techniques.  She and Theo always struck me as similar spirits, so to speak.  Both are well acquainted with urban and rural life, and both have a love for something that requires poise.  For Julia, it is horseback riding.    

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