• We have a new sister site for the Bay Area, (which as of now is UP AND RUNNING!  Woohoo!)
  • We're staying in Brooklyn but are opening an outpost in Oakland to serve the San Francisco Bay Area for our Butcher Blocks and Custom Wooden Countertops. 
  • We offer: Cherry, Walnut, Maple in End Grain and Edge Grain (Long Grain)
  • And in virtually any size
  • But we have some minor limitations (read below)
  • E-Mail us at or via the contact page on either site
  • We're excited and we hope you are too
  • Wooden Kitchen Countertops for the San Francisco Bay Area - Butcher Blocks

We're now offering cutting boards, butcher blocks and custom countertops in San Francisco!  While we're still operating on the East Coast, all of the sanding and finishing will be happening right in the Bay Area by my cousin!

Contact me at, via the Contact Page or this specific order form for the Bay Area (which doesn't exist just yet! We may be offering services, but this page is still under construction!). Just let me know that you're from the Bay Area! We really want to get a sense of your project because while I've done this for over a decade, I haven't tried setting up a base in another city (so exciting though!) and I want to make sure we're not taking on a project that's too intricate.  Don't be nervous though!  It's rare for there to be a project so unusual that we pass on it. We just want to set ourselves up for success.

So what are we really well-primed to do for the Bay Area?  I see us as being a FANTATIC FIT for butcher block kitchen islands.  Second, I think we're a really good option for countertops with one or two sides sitting up against walls.  When a piece is sitting up against 3 walls, we will need a template dropped off to our Oakland location.  

Okay, but what projects might we pass on?  If you want a sink cut out, we'll have to take a look at your drawings and see if it's feasible.  If you have ten peculiar angles on uneven walls without any backsplash, that starts increasing the odds of an inaccurate cut.

We will still offer Maple, Walnut and Cherry in both end grain and edge grain (or what we call long grain) and in virtually any size.

I think that about sums it up!

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