Oh right, I have a blog!: Tables and custom cutting boards

Oh right, I have a blog.  Whoops!
This bit is a little different than the last few blog posts, because this blog post is all about story-time!

So, if you've been following me on instagram via facebook and twitter, then you know I've been working on an awesome 7 foot in diameter table for Ben Leventhal from Kitchen Surfing (quick plug: if you want a chef to come by your house on Saturday night to make food for you, your spouse and your three friends, then Kitchen Surfing is for you) and Moriah, a friend and a Brooklyn knife maker, has been welding together the legs.  So, long story short: the table didn't fit up the stairs.  Nope.  No way. Yeah, I know, a very big oops.  So, how did the members of Kitchen Surfing, Moriah and I get it up there?  See the diagram below (please ignore the cutesy "My drawing" comment... it seemed really clever after getting the table upstairs and drinking some laphraiog at Lucy's Lounge to help me "recuperate")

So I kind of Macgyvered this.  The table had a moving blanket attached a la truck clamps and one more truck clamp that was fastened on the bottom half of the table.  From this truck clamp we tied two ropes to the left and right side of the table.  These two ropes were pulled by three guys while I pushed the table up the ladder, held very steady by Moriah.  Having taken on my fair share of ambitiously large sculptures and installations in undergrad, I saw this as completely feasible.  I think Moriah and those at Kitchen Surfing were a bit more doubtful.  Oh, and for the record: yeah, I don't recommend doing this.  I'm just stubborn and once I set my mind on something, I want to make it happen.  While I don't like taking on these challenges, once they are in front of me, I kind of love them.  Don't worry Mom and Dad!  It was a lot safer than it sounds, but I can't go ahead and endorse this method for anyone who happens to come across a blogpost.

Okay, it's late so I'm consolidating news

1) I'll add a picture of the custom cutting board and matching knife rack I just finished up.  I normally would just shoot an instagram photo of it, but it's cool enough that I'd like something a little bit more "profesh."  Remember, if you want one, contact me here http://www.brooklynbutcherblocks.com/pages/contact

2) Oh one last thing, Gentology is selling my knife racks a slight discount.  Check it out

3) I have a business phone number now!  Brooklyn Butcher Blocks' new number is... (347) 946-2540 !