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Quarterly Cutting Board Care Pack

$180.00 $125.00

Our Quarterly Care Pack is an annual membership of our cutting board care materials which will ship to you automatically once a quarter.  The package includes a 12 ounce container of food grade mineral oil and 8oz of our Bees Buffer, which is a beeswax based product that offers fantastic water resistance.  

Your first order of four will ship (free of charge) within a week of the order date.  Your remaining orders will ship on the 15th day of the first month of corresponding quarter.  Or in other words...

Jan 15th
April 15th
July 15th
October 15th

Even I, more often than I'd like to admit, have neglected to oil and wax the cutting boards I myself have made--and I have a 55 gallon drum of food grade mineral oil and a gallon of Bees Buffer.  It's easy with the busy nature of life to let things slip by, and before you know it, your cutting board is bone dry and splitting.  Our Quarterly Care Pack is meant to rectify that exact issue.  So show your cutting board some of that TLC.

Please note that we do no automatically charge you every year--you would need to purchase this again a year from the date of purchase.