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Walnut Meat Serving Board


We make the meat serving board from reclaimed lumber and we finish it with a coarser grit sandpaper to give it a bit more character, like a viking tearing apart some ribs.  We offer them in two sizes, Regular (approx 9x12) and Large (approx 12x18), and they come with rubber feet on the bottom.

If you have any desired customizations, just make a note of them in the textbox provided upon purchase.

Note: if ordering multiple quantities of the meat board, it should be noted that the dimensions will vary--much more so than the rest of our product line.  Each of these are hand carved and have a deliberately worn appearance.  Some pieces are made from a single plank, others are made from many glued together.  Due to its reclaimed nature, you can expect stabilized small knots or cracks, live edges, and other naturally occurring things on the bottom--HOWEVER--the top will be as clear as day and perfectly suitable for that steak.