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End Grain Maple Butcher Block


Maple: the industry standard, the tried and true... however you want to say it, maple is always a safe bet.  It's your hardest wood, which does.  All of our end grain boards measure approximately 12x18x1.75 and feature a brickwork pattern.  What's end grain?  Why do we use a brickwork pattern?  Take a look at our blog posts about it!

90% of our materials are sourced within 400 miles of us, and everything is sourced in the USA.  We compost all of our refuse at nearby composting gardens and plants, such as BigNYC, Compost For Brooklyn, and Earth Matter.

If you'd like to add a meat groove, a name stamped into the board, or finger grooves, just make a note in the textbox provided upon purchase.  If you'd like a custom sized piece, check out the customs area of our website.  If you're curious about caring for your board, we get into the details here, but the short of it is that you want to do it at least once a month for a few months at which point it develops a cure and you'll refinish as is needed.